An Expensive Lesson Learned…A Social Security Missed Opportunity

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Our hosts discuss  Social Security! Denise Kovach, CFG’s resident social security expert, explains a situation where a client’s spouse passed away and she filed for survivor social security benefits close to full retirement age. Denise and Joe explain why you should reach out to a CFP when you’re near social security age. Plus, caller questions are answered on various topics including what age a stay at home mom, should take her social security at, to maximize her benefits along with her husband’s, if a first spouse has passed away but one gets remarried, can they collect deceased spouses social security, a caller’s girlfriend drawing social security, and wants to know if marriage affect their income, plus what happens to social security if employment status changes based on being furloughed or working less, and can you sell your life insurance policy?

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Denise Kovach CFP® & Joe Bert CFP®

Denise Kovach CFP®  and Joe Bert CFP® take your calls and provide expert answers to your questions on NEWS 96.5 FM. Today’s topic, “Year End Planning Checklist”

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